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August 20, 2017 Board Minutes

NTM – North Texas Mensa

A Local Group of

American Mensa Ltd.,

A Not-for-Profit Corporation

Meeting called to order at 6:04p by President Ken Roberts.
Attendees:  Treasurer Roger Durham, Board Members at Large Chris Nixon, Karen Brack and Regional Ombudsman Randy Brack.

  1. Reports.

Secretary - John Marshall, absent, distributed the final July 2017 Board Meeting minutes via email.   Karen Brack did not receive the July minutes via email and Ken indicated he will resend. Durham moved to approve the minutes as submitted, Nixon seconded, unanimously approved.

Treasurer - Roger Durham reported; July 2017 financials reflect a bank account balance of $23,514.70 together with a note receivable of $10,000 for a total of $33,814.70.  The month of July finished with a deficit of $214.97 as a result of increased costs to publish the M-Aura with by-laws.

President –President Ken Roberts

  1. American Mensa awarded the Emerald Award to the North Texas Chapter for outstanding service. Also, Roger Durham received the Distinguished Service Award from American Mensa.
  1. Welcome to Karen Brack as the new Member at Large. Karen is thrilled to be here.
  1. The Election Committee has been established as below (still need an alternate or an additional member in which Andy would move to alternate):
  • Chairman – Laura Stuart
  • Deborah Lockart
  • Carol Borchardt
  • Andy McKellar
  1. RG Registration Push – Please mention at any Mensa events/functions. RG Committee Members receive the lowest regular rate regardless of registration time.  Paul Whiteman to provide org chart of RG Committee Members.  Ken to include mention in President’s Column each month.  Email drop scheduled for September (highlighting expiration of early bird rate), additional email in October (highlight tastings and dance) and November (TBD).  Paul Whiteman will confirm we are utilizing the same DJ as last year.  Paul Whiteman indicated there is still a need for a Programming Chair.
  1. Vacancies – Social Media Coordinator and Public Relations remain vacant. Karen Brack indicated an interest in Public Relations position.
  2. New Member Party in October – in need of a place to host. Need to identify place in advance of October M-Aura publishing (September 9th).
  1. November meeting will be on November 19th – By-Laws approval and elections will be held immediately following the Board meeting.

Membership –

Anne Whiteman reported – National is indicating that reports are “in-real time” causing the discrepancies in figures.  As of 7/17 – we had 1,187 members. During time frame we had 3 leave, 12 join (net of +9).  A report ran as of August 20th indicated we have 1,189 members.

Ombudsman – Randy Brack reported – Nothing to report as Ombudsman.

Proposed by-laws were published in August M-Aura so we are on track for November election.  Randy will coordinate with Laura Stewart to ensure the election committee includes by-laws referendum as part of November ballot.  Randy will also write a column for October M-Aura to remind them of upcoming vote in November encouraging them to vote.  Board unanimously encourages a “Yes” vote for by-laws. 

RG Report – Paul Whiteman reported – Karen will assist with programming need and securing speakers.   Paul to provide Ken and Anne verbiage to be included (2-3 sentences) for email distributions regarding RG (September – highlight expiration of early bird rate; October – highlight tastings and dance; November – TBD).

Nixon-Webmaster – Paul made Andy a super-user to all service providers.   In addition, Paul provided user name and login credentials for Network Solutions and Siteground.  Paul also indicated he renewed the NTMensa.org domain name for 3 years.  Paul to send Roger paperwork on renewing.  Chris to follow up with Andy to ensure there is continuity and we can access.  Andy and Paul to work on transitioning duties.

Nixon-Social and Communications – Vacant, no report

Nixon-Publicity – Vacant, no report

Brack -Editor – Bill Rock reported via email.  M-Aura went to print last week – will be distributed later this month.  Thank you to those that provided content.

Brack -Publisher/Circulation Manager – Val Beasley reported, she expects to have copies tomorrow and will then distribute.  With Bi-laws included the additional cost of printing was ~$300.

Brack -Proctor/Testing Coordinator – Doborah Lockhart reported; five people tested yesterday (would have had six but one person forgot their ID).  They will receive the results within 1-2 weeks. 

Brack -Programs – Bob Hemphill absent, no report

Caperton-Gifted Children – Ambre Caperton absent, Bill rock reported via email.  Over a dozen gifted youth enjoyed the excellent introduction to the justice system and courthouse tour on August 10th.  September event is trash pickup in Ft Worth, and in October we’ll be doing a charity 5K. 

Caperton-S.I.G.H.T. – Gunny Hartman absent, no report

Caperton-Scholarship Chair – Ambre Caperton absent, no report

  1. Old Business

Nothing to report

  1. New Business

Bill Rock submitted the following via email - Proposed bylaws:  There is a move to change one of the proposed bylaws, to allow write-in candidates. Here is the argument (such as it is) from the September M-Aura:


Proposed bylaws update discussion: From last month’s posted changes to the bylaws, of all of the changes that are being made , only one gets me riled up enough to bloviate on it: write in candidates for the BOD elections (proposed Art VI.7.B). National gives us the option of allowing write-in candidates, and I think our bylaws should allow them; the proposed bylaws would prohibit them. If enough people feel strong enough about the slate of candidates that they can get a write-in candidate elected, then more power to them, I say. They get the person that they want, and they are a critical mass charged up enough to move the group in a direction they want to go.

Now, I need the help of anyone else who feels the same way about this decision. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us know that you think this should be changed before the vote on the bylaws. Thanks go out to Anne who indicated she also supports this change.

I am seeking others who wish to also make this change (allow write-ins) so that the proposed bylaws can be updated.  Please let me know if you are in favor of this change. 

Motion to adjourn made by Roberts, seconded by Durham, unanimously approved. Meeting adjourned at 6:51 p.m.

Submitted as Board Proceedings pending approval as Minutes by Chris Nixon on behalf of John M. Marshall, NTM                     Secretary.