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March 18, 2018 Board Minutes

North Texas Mensa


A Local Group of

American Mensa Ltd.,

A Not-for-Profit Corporation

Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm by President Eric “Gunny” Hartman. Attendees:  Vice President John Marshall, Treasurer Doug Fix, Secretary Roger Durham, and board members Anne Whiteman, Chris Cree, and George Schmidt.

1. Reports

Secretary - The proposed February 2018 Board Meeting minutes were circulated.  There was one correction and Marshall moved, Schmidt seconded to approve the minutes as corrected, which passed unanimously.

Treasurer – Fix reported on the February financials which included income of $1,284.80 and expenses of $1,098.93, generating a net surplus of $185.87 for the month of February 2018.  Report received with thanks.

President – Hartman presented the President’s Report, including a reminder to renew memberships by next month, if necessary, after which the following reports were received (names in parentheses are board liaisons for that office):

Membership – Paul Whiteman had previously submitted the membership report by email.  As of February 28, 2018, 1,285 members reported, up from 1,270 on January 31, 2018.  Whiteman further reported that the New Members’ Party will be held at Gail Spurlock’s home, on May 5.  Paul hopes to have a Margarita machine.  Marshall moved, Schmidt seconded, to approve the planned date, and to rent a Margarita machine.  Passed 6-1, with Fix opposed.

Ombudsman - Randy Brack, no report as ombudsman.

(Cree) Editor – Bill Rock reported no problems with the M-Aura, which went to the printer last week.

(Cree) Publisher/Circulation Manager – Val Beasley, no report.

(Cree) Social and Communications – Vacant

(Cree) Publicity – Vacant

 (Whiteman) Webmaster – Andy McKellar discussed problems with the website, including the expiration of the credit card on file with our ISP.  Durham moved, Schmidt seconded, to ask our bank to issue a debit card with a $500 limit to McKellar.  McKellar asked about reappointment of those listed on the website as Area Coordinators.  He will contact them about their willingness to continue.

(Whiteman) Proctor/Testing Coordinator - Deborah Lockhart – 6 people tested on Saturday.

(Whiteman) Programs – Karen Brack reported that the speaker at this meeting will be a member who owns a micro-brewery, and a speaker on the nature of creativity has been secured for April.

(Whiteman) Calendar - Sara Hawkins – no report.

(Schmidt) Gifted Children - Bill Rock – April will be a family day at Bill’s house to disassemble electronics.

(Schmidt) S.I.G.H.T. - Gunny Hartman, no report.

(Schmidt) Scholarship Chair – Ralf Kittenbacher – No report.

2. Old Business – Whiteman reported that name tags will be received by the new Members’ Party. Marshall moved, Schmidt seconded to provide tags only for the board members and Randy Brack.  Passed 6-1 with Cree opposed.  Cree offered to donate the money to buy name tags for all the appointed officers.

3. New Business - Deborah Lockhart reported that she will be out of town for the summer, and the Community Room will be unavailable when a resident is not here. We will need a meeting place for June and August, as another member is available for July.  Several options will be explored.

Marshall moved, Schmidt seconded to reappoint Karen Brack to a 3-year term on the Gatherings Committee.  Passed unanimously.

Karen Brack reported on the outcome of the RG planning meeting held earlier in the day.

Marshall moved, Fix seconded to appoint Cree to chair a committee to investigate ways to reduce the cost of publishing the M-Aura.  Passed unanimously.

Motion to adjourn made by Marshall, seconded by Schmidt, unanimously approved. Meeting adjourned at 7:15 p.m.  Submitted by Roger Durham, NTM Secretary.