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January 19, 2020 Board Minutes

North Texas Mensa

A Local Group of

American Mensa Ltd.

    A Not-for-Profit Corporation

Meeting called to order at 6:05 pm by Vice President George Schmidt.  Attendees: Vice-President George Schmidt, Treasurer Roger Durham, Secretary Anne Whiteman, and Board Members at Large Rolando Chapa and Aaron Adair.

  1. Reports

Secretary – The proposed December 2019 Board Meeting Minutes were circulated.  Durham moved, Chapa seconded to approve the minutes as submitted, which passed unanimously. 

Treasurer – Treasurer Roger Durham reported on the December financials which included income of $1,045.30 and expenses of $1,275.92, generating a net deficit of $39.36 for the month of December. Total assets decreased to $32,626.48 as of December 31, 2019.  Report received with thanks.  Budget for 2020 was presented – Whiteman moved to approve the proposed budget, Chapa seconded.  Unanimously approved.

Change of signatures needed at Chase Bank to transfer access to the new President (John Marshall) and Treasurer (Roger Durham).  Secretary (Anne Whiteman) will attend also to provide the meeting proceedings which authorize this.  Chapa moved, and Durham seconded.  Unanimously approved.

President – President John Marshall was out of town, so Vice President George Schmidt presided.  Marshall prepared the following agenda of topics to discuss in his absence:

  • Announcement of 2020 Officers and Board Members.
    • List of chairs for next year were approved for the coming year. Durham moved.  Chapa seconded.  Unanimously approved.
    • Paul Whiteman, membership chair, asked if the area coordinators were being included in the approvals. Currently Pam Kittenbacher is the only one recognized by National as being an Area Coordinator.
  • Treasurer will arrange banking change – Durham will arrange.
  • Financial Review needed (to be conducted by incoming Treasurer).
    • Durham will handle.
  • Standing Policies: Review and modify, if so desired.
    • Standing Policy changes are not required at this time, but Board members were asked to review current policies for any needed amendments.
  • Need committee or chair for New Members Party.
    • Paul Whiteman mentioned that there had been a couple offers to host future new member parties. He will check with those people to see if one of them will host the 2020 Spring New Member Party.
  • 2020 Board Meetings: 3rd Sunday, 6PM (Q: Father’s Day 6/21).
    • Board Meeting Dates will remain on the 3rd Sunday at 6 PM.
    • Board members agreed that we did not have to change the meeting on Father’s Day.
  • Discussion of 2020 RG, to be voted upon in February.
    • Due to the $3000 loss of our 2019 Regional Gathering, Roger Durham gave the Marriott Quorum notice of cancellation of the remaining 2 years of our contract before the end of 2019 (so there was no penalty for cancellation). In the near future, Roger will begin discussions with both them and other hotels for a new contract with a lower room guarantee. A 2020 Regional Gathering can only be scheduled if we find a new hotel and establish a new contract.
  • Contemplate particulars of 2020 Budget and approve.
  • Next Board Meeting: February 16, 2020.

Membership – Paul Whiteman - reported that as of January 19 NTM had 1,218 members, which includes 17 joining members and 1 leaving member.  Most of the new members are re-joins (5 are initially joining, 3 are move-ins, and the rest are re-joins). 

Ombudsman - Randy Brack – reported just minor problems.

Election Committee – Andy McKellar – mail box was closed out. No significant mail received.

(Chapa) Editor – Bill Rock - reported by email that the newsletter will go to the printer as soon as he receives the RVC’s column.  He will continue as Editor for 2020.

(Chapa) Publisher/Circulation Manager – Val Beasley – M-AURA is at the printer.  Post Office is still not fond of us.

(Chapa) Social and Communications – Vacant.

(Chapa) Publicity – Vacant.

(Evers) Webmaster – Andy McKellar – nothing to report.

(Evers) Testing Coordinator – Deborah Lockhart – Durham reported that 4 candidates were tested on December 14 and 2 were offered membership.  No testing was done in January.

(Evers) Programs – Karen Brack – Karen said that she would like to get other people involved in this activity.  Aaron Adair volunteered to assist some with this activity.

(Evers) Calendar - Sara Hawkins – Everything is going fine in calendar-land. Nothing to report.

(Adair) Gifted Children - Bill Rock - 4 attended the ornament making, and 3 attended Meals On Wheels. They will take TRE Rail to the Kimball in Fort Worth in February. 

(Adair) S.I.G.H.T. - Gunny Hartman – No requests for SITE services.

Scholarship Chair – Ralf Kittenbacher – reported a problem.  Normally Ralf gets 200 scholarship essays.  This time he received over 400 scholarship essays, 350 of which met the minimum specifications.  Since each entry needs to be read by 3 different people, if you can spare some time to do some reading of scholarship essays, please contact Ralf. 

Regional Gathering – Vacant.


  1. 2. Old Business:


  1. New Business:


  • Durham moved to disband the election committee with the Board’s thanks, Whiteman seconded, passed unanimously.
  • New Badges with new roles – NTM will pay, and Whiteman was assigned the task of placing the order. Durham moved, Adair seconded, passed unanimously.   



Motion to adjourn made by Chapa, seconded by Adair, and passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 6:43 p.m.  Submitted as Board Proceedings pending approval as Minutes by Anne Whiteman, NTM Secretary.