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NTM – North Texas Mensa

A local Group of

American Mensa Ltd

A NY Not-for-profit corporation

Board Meeting Mintues for March 20, 2022


Meeting was called to order by Aaron Adair at 6:07


Attendance:  All Board Members were present either in person or by Zoom; secretary is bad at names and there was attendance from the general membership – Val Beasley, Karen & Randy Brack, Laura H & a new member


  1. Reports

Secretary – Jennifer Wallace

  • February 2022 Minutes – no changes were requested after review from the board, so the minutes are automatically accepted. Jennifer will upload the January and February minutes to the website.

Treasurer – Paul Whiteman

  • Report by Paul Whiteman, submitted to board via email prior to meeting
  • Bank accounts:
    • Checking: $14,109.42
    • Savings: $8,028.27, 
  • Loan to Scholarship Foundation:  $10,000
  • Total net worth: $32,137.69
  • This is a net increase of 927.86 from January.  However, printing expenditures are now caught up and will be reflected in the March numbers next month which will consume most of the excess from January and February.  In addition, some postage will hit this month, so be prepared for an expected sizeable decrease in the next report.
  • Budget was presented & reviewed by the board during the RG discussion
    • At the end of the meeting
      • Cathy moved to accept the budget, motion was seconded
      • Motion passed unanimously

President – Aaron Adair

  • Next Board Meeting: April 17, 2022 Location TBD – will discuss later in the meeting.

Membership – Paul Whiteman

  • Membership report by Paul Whiteman, submitted to board via email prior to meeting.
  • Membership Numbers:  Total  1225
    • new:      9
    • joined:    4
    • rejoined: 3
    • movein:  2
    • leaving:  6
    • moveout:   5
    • deceased:  1  (Joyce Beach)
    • Jennifer Wallace & Paul will get together to pass the responsibility of the membership reporting.
    • Paul reminded the board that annual membership generally goes down about 10% in March due to people choosing not to renew.

Ombudsman – Roger Durham – nothing to report

Scholarship Chair (Mesiah) – Jessica Helphrey

  • Report by Leza Mesiah submitted to board via email prior to meeting:
  • From conversations with Jessica
  • “The scholarship paperwork is concerned [sic] and she sent it off and we’re now discussing expanding membership with millennials and how to reach them.”

Publisher/Circulation Manager (Mesiah) – Val Beasley - no report

Social & Communications (Mesiah) –Jessica Helphrey -no report

Publicity (Mesiah) – Vacant -no report

Webmaster (Allshouse) – Andy McKellar - all is well

Proctor/Testing Coordinator (Allshouse) – Deborah Lockhart –

  • We need to replace Deborah because she is very ill and unable to continue to volunteer for Mensa.

Programs (Allshouse) – Cathy Allshouse –

  • Genealogy program is still on for March
  • April will be a presentation on AI by a professor at UTD – Chris Davis

Calendar (Allshouse)  – Sara Hawkins – nothing to report

Gifted Youth (Kinder)  – Bill Rock  - nothing to report

S.I.G.H.T. (Kinder) – S.I.G.H.T. report by Gunny Hartman, submitted to board via email prior to the meetings.

  • We had a visit from a Mensa Spain member. Collene Goldman organized a lunch time rendezvous, which he appreciated despite the unexpectedly cold weather. He’s planning to come back with regularity and with more notice we hope to involve him in more activities. 
  • We had a request from a San Francisco Mensa member to get together, but he was actually staying in Fort Worth. It appears Mensa 76 doesn’t have a designated S.I.G.H.T. person and communications to the local chapter president were not returned. Gunny had a meeting scheduled with our SF friend, who’s exploring Texas A&M’s law school, the SF Mensan wound up having to cancel that meeting the night beforehand. 
  • TL/DR: NTM had a visitor from Spain who plans to return. Mensa76 needs a S.I.G.H.T. Coordinator. 

Regional Gathering (Kinder)  – see information in old business

  1. 2. Old Business
  • New committee chair appointments update
    • Need Publicity Chair
    • Membership Chair is covered (Jennifer Wallace)
    • Need Testing Coordinator
    • Need gathering committee appointment for 3 years
      • Purpose
        • Permanent committee
        • Recommend whether to have an RG
        • Find a location & negotiate location for RG
          • Then the RG committee puts on the RG
        • To also give continuity to the process of finding a place so that brand new board members aren’t having to step in and do that.
      • Randy is done in a month but willing to stay on another 3 years
        • Paul motioned to appoint; motion was seconded.
        • Board voted to approve the appointment.
      • North Texas Food Bank partnership
        • There is still no response to our offer to volunteer. Cathy & Aaron will reach out again.
      • 2022 RG
        • Smaller scale than in the past.
        • Nice hotel – has pool/hot tub.
        • No liquor in the hospitality room.
          • Can we purchase in bulk rather than by drink? We are waiting to find out.
          • Bartender is likely needed; but hotel can provide one for $125/night.
          • If we cannot do this, then we can rent a suite and have the beer & wine from the suite.
        • Can bring in our own food.
        • Payment needs to be upfront or guaranteed.
        • Karen Brack volunteered to chair the RG
          • This is accepted unanimously by the Board
        • If the budget is accepted, then we can fund this
          • Cathy moved to accept the budget and sign the contract to reserve the hotel
          • The motion was passed with 6 votes in the affirmative and 1 member abstained from voting
          • Aaron will sign the contract
            • Roger & Aaron & Paul will work together to sign the contract & pay the hotel per the contract
            • NTM will transfer $6,000 to the RG bank account to pay the hotel per the contract
            • There is already a procedure in place to return that money as possible from the event registrations, etc.
  1. 3. New Business
  • New member party
    • Set for May 21, 6pm – midnight
    • Will be at Jennifer’s house in Garland
    • Food to be planned at a future date
  • Location for future Board Meetings & General Meetings
    • The current meeting room isn’t sustainable due to the management not allowing reservations in the summer – can probably do it here in April but need to find a new place going forward.
    • What do we want to do about this –
    • Karen Brack’s mother’s retirement community will allow us to meet there if the residents are also invited to the general meeting activity
    • Please email Aaron ideas like the above and he will compile and send to the board for consideration
  • MAura mailing costs
    • Aaron is proposing that we send out a survey to the members to see what we can do about saving costs here.
      • Will publish survey link in the next MAura as well as send an email blast.
      • April – Leza
      • May – Jennifer
      • June – Cathy Allshouse
      • July – TBD
      • August - TBD
      • September – Karen Brack
      • October – Hutton Kinder
      • November - TBD
      • December - Aaron

Motion to adjourn by Jennifer, motion seconded , meeting unanimously adjourned at 7:15