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NTM Board Meeting Sunday, January 17, 2016

Meeting called to order at 6:04 by President Ken Roberts. Attendees: President Ken Roberts, Vice President Eric Hartman, Treasurer Roger Durham, Secretary Peter D'Apice, Paul Whiteman, John Marshall.

1.         Reports.

Secretary – Peter D’Apice reported; Whiteman moved to table a reading of November’s minutes, Marshall seconded, all approved. There was no meeting in December as there was not a quorum.

Treasurer – Roger Durham reported; December 2015 financials were reviewed, the amount of the NTM Scholarship Loan was corrected to be $10,000, and total NTM assets are $32,750.33 as of 12/31/2015.

Comments: Ken Roberts urged the Board to review the NTM handbook; general committee issues were discussed, Hartman appointed to liase with all SIGs, Durham volunteered to liase with the Regional Gathering committee, Paul Whiteman, John Marshall and Robert Dietrich to be liason to the committee chairs.

Election Committee: Anne Whiteman reported; there was one election protest to which the committee had responded, and the committee has been dissolved.

Membership: Anne Whiteman reported; December 2015 began with 1269 members, 31 joined, 15 left, yielding 1285 at the end of 2015.

RG Committee – Roger Durham reported; attendance at the 2015 RG was 69 from NTM, 31 from Fort Worth, and 40 from out of the area.

Editor - Bill Rock: M-Aura ready to go to print.

Ombudsman: Randy Brack absent.

Blood Account: Anne Whiteman reported.

Publisher/Circulation Manager - Val Beasley: Nothing to report, need a volunteer.

Gathering Committee: No report.

Programs: This month and next month’s are arranged.

Publicity: New chair needed.

RG Chair: Durham reported, this is a voluntary position.

Gifted Children - Bill Rock: January saw a hike at Mineral Wells, February will have rock climbing, Bill requested $200 for the March event with New Minds, Durham moved, Marshall seconded, all approved up to $200 to support the March event.

S.I.G.H.T.: Gunny Hartman had nothing to report.

Webmaster - No report.

Social and Communications - No report.

Scholarship Chair – Ralf Kittenbacher: no report.

2.         Old Business

            A) Election issues and turnover of business discussed.

3.         New Business

            A. Those designated as signatories on the bank account need to be changed. Paul Whiteman moved, Hartman seconded, all approved, that Ken Roberts and Roger Durham be so designated.

            B. Election results reported, as set forth in the M-Aura.

            C. The Board discussed changing the place and time of future board meetings.

            D. Ken Roberts’ draft survey to members was discussed and will be sent out; Roberts wants to create a Communications Committee for electronic communications with members, the website, Facebook, etc.; and he is considering creating a new event for the summer.   

            E. Roberts appointed certain Committee Chairs, Durham moved to ratify, Marshall seconded, and all approved the following appointments:

M-Aura Editor – Bill Rock

Ombudsman – Randy Brack

Gifted Children - Bill Rock

Membership – Anne Whiteman

Web Content – Steve Haas.


Motion to adjourn made by Roger Durham, second by Paul Whiteman, unanimously approved. Meeting adjourned at 7:05 p.m.

Submitted by Peter D'Apice, NTM Board Secretary.

<there was no BOD meeting in Dec 2014>

NTM Board Meeting Sunday, January 25, 2015

Meeting called to order at 6:03 by President Mike Magolnick. Attendees: President Mike Magolnick, Vice Pres. Deborah Lockhart, Paul Whiteman, Ken Roberts, Eric Hartman, Peter D'Apice.
1. Reports.
Treasurer - Deborah Lockhart presented the treasurer's report summarizing income and expenses by category for the full year 2014 and on a monthly basis for 2014. Total Income for 2014 was $12,305.97, Total Expenses for 2014 were $14,636.22, yielding a net loss for 2014 of $2,330.25. Income for December 2014 was $1,266.17, Expenses for December were $866.05. Overall net worth as of December 31, 2014: $20,768.65. Moved by Eric Hartman to accept Treasurer's Report, seconded by Paul Whiteman, unanimously approved.
Secretary - Paul Whiteman, past Secretary, reported no November or December minutes to approve. November proceedings were sent to the previous board and published in the MAura. Paul will send a copy to the current board. The new board could make corrections but cannot approve the minutes of the current board. There was no December meeting.
Membership - Ken Roberts: 15 members joined, none resigned. 2014 began with 1136 members, ended with 1151 as of December 31, 2014.
RG Committee - Karen Brack, Chair: The 2014 RG was very favorably received. NTM did not meet its guarantee to the hotel that a certain number of rooms would be rented, and the committee continues to negotiate with the hotel over the hotel's bill. The Board discussed factors to consider for the next RG and possible hotels are being researched.
Editor - Bill Rock: MAura went to print and the hard copy will go out soon. Emails were used as well the previous week and the effectiveness of using emails will be reported at a later Board meeting. Ken Roberts and Bill Rock will coordinate on an updated email list.
Publisher/Circulation Manager - Val Beasley: Val is looking for a back-up to fulfill monthly circulation duties when she is not available for such. Lacy L. Brown volunteered to help in that capacity.
Proctor Coordinator - Elisa Miller: No report. Mike Magolnick expressed a need for proctors.
Calendar Chair - Deborah Lockhart: a replacement for Deborah as Calendar Chair is being pursued.
Gifted Children - Bill Rock: 19 gifted children were present for the January 17, 2014, Robotics event in Richardson, which was oversold. Bill will have final numbers at the next Board meeting. So far, events planned for 2015 include a function at the Nasher Museum on February 7, a Valentine's Day party on February 14 and an airplane flying opportunity on April 18.
Webmaster - Steve Hess: No report.
NTM Board Meeting - Sunday, January 25, 2015 (continued)
Web Content - Michele Azzaro: No report. Mike Magolnick moved to remove Michelle as contact for the Web Content and a replacement will be found.
Ombudsman - Randy Brack: No problems reported. Randy's 3-year term expires January, 2016.
Scholarship Chair – Ralf Kittenbacher: At the time of the board meeting, the annual scholarship essay reading was still in progress at the home of Ralf Kittenbacher. 19 NTM readers were involved in judging the 150 scholarship essays that were submitted to NTM.
Election Committee - Andy McKellar: No changes to the prior report given in the last MAura issue. Andy has closed out the PO box rented to receive election ballots; no mail was received after the election. $39.00 is needed for the cost of the PO box rental. The Election Committee had no further duties as of December 21, 2014. Betty Jane Ferguson reported there would be an upcoming complaint submitted about the election, and requested that all ballots be retained. Randy reported that the Election Committee stays engaged until January 31, 2015, to coordinate any issues with the Board. Andy will turn the ballots over to the Board and he requested and was granted release from his Election Committee duties. Randy raised an issue arising from the NTM Election Code section 4, rules 5(B) and (C), page 29, regarding procedure for complaints about elections, and that after December 31, 2014, all such complaints go to the Board.
Publicity - Betty Jane Ferguson reported that publicity was still being pursued. Discussion ensued, including that each member should be "publicity." Donations were collected at the NTM Christmas Party for the Meals-On-Wheels program; 31 pounds of canned food and $30 were collected which was matched with an additional $15.
2. Old Business
A) None, as there is a new Board.
3. New Business
A. All Officers and Committee Chairs are up for reappointment as of the end of 2014, except the Ombudsman, the Gatherings Committee, which is in place until March, and the Scholarship Chair, which is in place until June.
B. Mike Magolnick appointed the following Committee Chairs:
Editor - Bill Rock
Gifted Children - Bill Rock
Publishing/Circulation Manager - Val Beasley
Membership - Ken Roberts
New Members - Ken Roberts
S.I.G.H.T. - Eric Hartman
Proctor Coordinator - Elisa Miller
Calendar Chair - Deborah Lockhart
Paul Whiteman moved to approve these appointments, Ken Roberts seconded, unanimously approved.
NTM Board Meeting - Sunday, January 25, 2015 (continued)
C. Board meetings will be the third Sunday of every month except the June meeting will be on June 14, 2015, to avoid a conflict with Father's Day.
D. The authorized signatories on the NTM bank account needs to include the new Treasurer. Ken Roberts so moved, Paul Whiteman seconded, unanimously approved.
E. The NTM Facebook page was discussed. This and social media all fall under the authority of Ken Roberts, who will coordinate with the Communications Committee on social media issues. Lacy L. Brown will serve as "Social and Web Content" Committee Chair, and Lorie Roberts will be Publicity Chair.
F. Paul Whiteman inquired about chairs required by National Mensa, and a discussion followed on the organization of officers and committees.
G. Mike Magolnick called for a vote on whether to have an RG in 2015. Ken Roberts moved for a 2015 RG, Eric Hartman seconded, unanimously approved. The composition of the RG Committee will be discussed and chosen at a subsequent meeting.
H. Karen Brack, Andy McKellar and Carol Hilson are currently on the Gathering Committee. Andy McKellar’s seat will be up for appointment in March.
I. Mike Magolnick proposed that NTM Mensa needs a large army of volunteers this year, so the club needs a Volunteer Coordinator, to meet the goals of NTM and to target Millennials and Gen-Y.
J. Mike Magolnick awarded five Mensa Service Awards:
Deborah Lockhart
Paul Whiteman
Anne Whiteman
Karen Brack
Bill Rock.
Motion to adjourn made by Ken Roberts, second by Deborah Lockhart, unanimously approved. Meeting adjourned at 7:47 p.m.
Submitted: February 15, 2015, by Peter D'Apice, NTM Board Secretary.

NTM Board Proceedings Sunday, November 16th, 2014

Meeting called to order at 6:06 by President Mike Magolnick.

Attendees: President Mike Magolnick, Vice Pres. Deborah Lockhart, Secretary Paul Whiteman, Treasurer Doug Fix, Member at Large Ken Roberts.

1. Reports

Treasurer – Doug Fix: Doug Fix presented the treasurer’s report which summarized, for August:

Income: $ 945.79,   Expenses: $ 450.66,   Overall net worth: $21,074.82. Moved by Deborah Lockhart to accept the Treasurer’s Report, seconded by Ken Roberts, unanimously approved.

Secretary – Paul Whiteman via Anne Whiteman: The October board meeting minutes were reviewed. Corrections made in the Treasurer’s report and the Membership numbers. Motion made by Deborah Lockhart to accept the minutes as presented, seconded by Doug Fix, unanimously approved.

Membership – Ken Roberts: Previous Membership count: 1095, 24 entering, 0 leaving, New Membership Count: 1119.

RG Committee – Karen Brack, Chair: Program details are in finalization; Mommy letters are in the email. The RG is in full go.

Editor – Bill Rock: The December MAura will go to print tonight.

Publisher/Circulation Manager – Val Beasley: N/R.

Proctor Coordinator – Elisa Miller: as reported by Deborah Lockhart, that 5 tested so far this month.

Calendar Chair – Deborah Lockhart: There is a White Elephant Christmas gift exchange at the Whiteman’s on the 12th of December. No Gen-Y event for December.

Gifted Children – Bill Rock: 3 families attended a robotics event in October. 4 are signed up for the competition in January.

Webmaster – Steve Hess: N/R.

Web Content: Michele Azzaro: N/R.

Ombudsman – Randy Brack: N/R.

Scholarship Chair – Ralf Kittenbacher: Discussion about having a vice chair to assist in getting the reports in on time. Mike Magolnick will fill that role in the interim.

Election committee – Andy McKellar: Everything is on track. Next month’s meeting will be the counting of the votes. If anyone can’t attend, please send in your vote by the deadline.

Old Business

New Member Party: Withdrawn the suggestion for Immediate Past President.

Sam’s card: approved but not acquired yet.

New Business

Ken Roberts raised the question of the process to make the membership roster available which is made available for NTM purposes (i.e. election communications). Ken suggested that an agreement be in place for non-disclosure for those utilizing the list. Roger RVC noted that anyone appointed by the president to receive the roster listing from national. He also pointed out that in past years, we published a membership directory. Randy Brack noted that bylaws require that we observe a member’s preference for distribution of the email.

Motion to adjourn made by Doug Fix, second by Deborah Lockhart, unanimously approved. Meeting adjourned at 6:43.

Submitted: December 2, 2014 by Paul Whiteman, NTM Board Secretary

NTM Board Meeting Sunday, February 15, 2015

Meeting called to order at 6:06 by President Mike Magolnick. Attendees: President Mike Magolnick, Treasurer Deborah Lockhart, Vice President Paul Whiteman, Ken Roberts, Eric Hartman, Bob Dietrich, Peter D'Apice.

Secretary - Peter D'Apice: Minutes from the January 25, 2015, Board meeting were presented to the Board, reviewed and on a motion by Deborah Lockhart, seconded by Paul Whiteman, were unanimously approved.

Treasurer - Deborah Lockhart presented the treasurer's report for January 2015, indicating $1,192.82 support paid to NTM by American Mensa, Ltd. (for December 2014) plus interest for total January income of $1,193.26, total expenses of $865.67, netting $327.59; net worth is $20,256.85 (as of February 14, 2015). Deborah's report also included some preliminary February numbers for the Board's information, with a full February report to be presented at the March meeting. As authorized by the Board at the last meeting, Deborah Lockhart is now an authorized signatory on the NTM bank account and former Treasurer Doug Fix has been removed as a signatory. Motion by Paul Whiteman to accept Treasurer's Report for January, seconded by Ken Roberts, and unanimously approved.

Membership - Ken Roberts: January began with 1151 members, 17 left, 27 joined, yielding 1161 at the end of January.

RG Committee - Roger Durham reported that NTM has reached agreement with the hotel used for the 2014 RG on the hotel's attrition charge to the club because fewer members reserved rooms than we had indicated. The hotel agreed to accept $800 for the attrition charge. In addition, NTM will pay the hotel the $300 that NTM owes for use of the Houston Mezzanine in the hotel. The RG netted NTM $632. Roger also reported that some time ago he had informally spoken to David McAllister, the new President of Ft. Worth Mensa local #76, about whether 76 would be interested in doing a joint RG with NTM in the future. Later on, David told Roger that #76's Board approved the idea of pursuing a joint RG and was willing to contribute money and personnel. The NTM Board discussed the matter and expressed its desire to pursue discussions with #76 on the possibility of a joint RG. Mike Magolnick proposed that Roger Durham be authorized to pursue further discussions with #76, with any agreement subject to Board approval. So moved by Deborah Lockhart, second by Eric Hartman and unanimously approved.

Editor - Bill Rock absent, but reported through Mike Magolnick: M-Aura went to print Feb. 15.

Publisher/Circulation Manager - Val Beasley absent: No report.

Proctor Coordinator - Elisa Miller absent: No report.

Calendar Chair - Deborah Lockhart: a replacement for Deborah as Calendar Chair is still being pursued. Upcoming calendared events, listed in M-Aura, were discussed.
Gifted Children - Bill Rock absent, but reported through Mike Magolnick: three families were present for the Nasher Museum function on February 7; six families were present for the Valentine's Day party on February 14, and the Young Eagles will occur on May 9 in McKinney.

Webmaster - Steve Hess absent: No report.

Web Content - Lacy L. Brown absent, reported through Mike Magolnick: Lacy has been active in executing on a plan, has commenced working on web content and social media, and Paul Whiteman will add Lacy as an administrator on Facebook so she can post information.

Ombudsman - Randy Brack absent: No report.

Scholarship Chair - Ralf Kittenbacher absent: After reviewing and judging the 150 scholarship essays that were submitted to NTM, Ralf submitted entries on February 11 and we await results.

Election Committee - has already been disbanded and thus no report.

Publicity - Lori Roberts: No report.

2. Old Business
A) Mike Magolnick is looking for additional volunteers for support positions. The Board discussed finding members for the Nominating Committee and the Election Committee. Anne Whiteman volunteered for the Election Committee. Also, the position of Proctor Coordinator was discussed, as the February 21 testing has been moved to Addison.

3. New Business
A. The need for a 2015 budget for the Board to review and vote on was discussed. Paul Whiteman moved that the Board authorize a temporary spending authorization for January through March 2015, of up to one-tenth of the actual expenditures in 2014 for each of January, February and March 2015, so that NTM can cover its expenses in those months. Eric Hartman seconded, unanimously approved.
B. Mike Magolnick reiterated the goal of attracting new members.
C. Lori Roberts offered to host the new member party slated for April 11, 2015. Paul Whiteman moved that the Board authorize $250 be advanced for anticipated expenses for the new member party, Eric Hartman seconded, unanimously approved.
D. The Board has received a written complaint about the election of the 2015 Board. The complaint will be reviewed the Board and acted upon as necessary and appropriate.
Motion to adjourn made by Ken Roberts, second by Eric Hartman, unanimously approved. Meeting adjourned at 7:04 p.m.
Submitted: March 15, 2015, by Peter D'Apice, NTM Board Secretary.