NTM – North Texas Mensa

A local Group of

American Mensa Ltd

A NY Not-for-profit corporation

Board Meeting Minutes for February 20, 2022


Meeting was called to order 6:12

Attendance:  All Board Members were present either in person or by Zoom; the secretary forgot to record other members present on the floor, but there was attendance from the general membership.

 1. Reports

Secretary – Jennifer Wallace

  • January 2022 Minutes – grammar& name updates were submitted and made. Paul moved to accept; motion was approved unanimously

Treasurer – Paul Whiteman

  • Report by Paul Whiteman, submitted to board via email prior to meeting:
    • The January 31 bank account balance was $21,209.83 with a note receivable of $10,000.00, showing an increase in net worth to $31,209.83 compared to net worth of $30,353.23 on December 31, 2021.  However, there is outstanding is a liability for $630.04 to the printer for the December payment which was credited back on January 19th.  That will have to be resolved will result in an offsetting decrease next month.  In January, there was Income of $1,024.57 and expenses of $768.31 generated a net excess of $256.26 for the month of January 2022.
  • Paul states he still owes a budget to the board; will complete by the March meeting
  • Collene asked: Revenue/Income from national office which is based on our monthly membership – approx.85 cents per member.
    • Does national pay for any other costs?
    • Answer from past board members is that it is not up to the chapters to negotiate – could bring up with regional representation

President – Aaron Adair

  • Next Board Meeting: March 20, 2022
    • Location? Lost connection for Conference Room at Preston Towers, can have at today’s location; but it’s pretty echo-y if we continue to have hybrid; Aaron will communicate with us for the location of the next meeting in March.

Membership – Paul Whiteman

  • Report by Paul Whiteman, submitted to board via email prior to meeting:
  • 1213 Total Members
    • New members:  7
      • 3 joining
      • 2 rejoin
      • 2 move in
    • Leaving members:  5
      • 5 move out
    • Paul would like pass on the torch for chairing this committee.
      • Jennifer Wallace stated she would be willing to chair the committee.

Ombudsman – Roger Durham – no report

Scholarship Chair (Mesiah) – Jessica Helphrey

  • Report from Leza Mesiah, submitted to board via email prior to meeting:
  • All essays have been accounted for three times, waiting on a few more scores from people
  • It’s wrapping up very nicely.
  • Jessica, the committee chair wanted to add a HUGE THANK YOU to all who helped

Publisher/Circulation Manager (Mesiah) – Val Beasley - no report

Social & Communications (Mesiah) –Jessica Helphrey -no report

Publicity (Mesiah) – Vacant -no report

Webmaster (Allshouse) – Andy McKellar - all is well

Proctor/Testing Coordinator (Allshouse) – Deborah Lockhart – nothing to report

Programs (Allshouse) – Cathy Allshouse –

  • Unable to procure a speaker for Feb; genealogy program is still on for March
  • Expressed difficulty in finding programs
    • People do not want to speak to a small group; or want to be paid
    • Sunday evenings is a difficult time period to fill
  • Ideas for future speakers submitted to the board via email prior to the meeting
    • Skyrocketing housing prices by a realtor
    • Healthy diet from a nutritionist
    • Relevance of Shakespeare in our modern lives
    • Electric vehicles
    • Exercise as disease prevention

Calendar (Allshouse)  – Sara Hawkins – nothing to report

Gifted Youth (Kinder)  – Bill Rock 

  • Book club went well – over 10 participants
  • Indoor climbing was successful on Feb 20
  • March activity will be online board games

S.I.G.H.T. (Kinder) – Gunny Hartman – no report

Editor (Kinder)  –  Bill Rock – approximate word count for president’s column – 300-400 words.

Regional Gathering (Kinder)  – Collene Goldman

  • Report by Coleen Goldman, submitted to the board via email prior to the meeting:

Regarding progress on the RG, we need to finalize the location, estimated expenses, and amount of revenues to pay for it. Until that’s complete, we are unable to publicize and “market” it.

Roger, Aaron, and I have been doing extensive research to find a hotel that will meet our requirements:

  • Hotel guest rooms reasonably priced,
  • Meeting rooms,
  • A room for hospitality where our food and liquor can be served, and
  • A bottom-line cost to us that can be covered by our registration income.

We recognize the importance of having an RG hospitality room, where we can gather, break bread, drink some wine (and other beverages), and have informal discussions with other Mensans. That’s how new friendships are made and how existing friendships grow. I know that this has been a critically important element in the success of the North Texas RG’s. After all, it’s “A Feast of Pleasures and Delights.” We also recognize that meeting rooms are needed for the presentations and games. And there are other factors we are taking into consideration.

To date, despite contacting more than 35 hotels in the area, and as far away as Tyler, we have not found one that meets our needs. The major obstacle is the ability to bring our own liquor into the hotel. So far none have allowed it and, with one exception, none allow us to bring our own food in. The costs of hotel food and beverage catering is well beyond anything we can afford. Tomorrow Roger will be meeting with yet another hotel he thinks might work and I will also continue looking. As soon as we find the hotel, we will inform the Board and the people on the committee.

Meanwhile we are looking for volunteers to help. Having volunteers to do the work is as important as having a hospitality room. All members of the RG Executive Committee need volunteers for the jobs that fall within their area of responsibility. There are three key positions on the RG Executive Committee that have not been filled: Registration Chair, Games Chair, and Secretary (who will keep the records and progress reports in one place). They and all members of the RG Executive Committee need volunteers for the jobs that fall within their area of responsibility. There will be something for everyone to do, and if the RG is going to be successful, we need volunteers.

Tuesday evening at 7:30 we will be having a Zoom call for all volunteers.

Please contact me or any of the following people to find out what is needed and how you can help:

Treasurer - Roger Durham

Programs - Karen Brack

Games - Open (a member is considering it and if it’s in Tyler there are several volunteers to help)

Hospitality - Anne Whiteman (if we do NOT cook our own food at the hotel)

Hospitality - Paul Whiteman

Communications and Publicity - Gunny Hartman

Registration - Open

Secretary – Open

 2. Old Business

  • New committee chair appointments update
    • Membership committee – Jennifer
    • Publicity – Leza is continuing to follow up to increase social media presence.
  • North Texas Food Bank partnership
    • At least two members have tried to reach out and have not received anything
  • 2022 RG
    • Report submitted by email prior to the meeting is included in the “1. Reports” section of the minutes.
    • Sincere thank you to everyone for being willing to communicate regarding inputs.
    • Other chapters have had to new model their RGs in response to hotels not allowing alcohol to be brought in
      • This is causing difficulty with finding a hotel.
      • Roger is meeting with a hotel that might allow for us to bring alcohol in
      • Proposal will not even be considered for Hilton; Tyler Hotel over promised.
      • Committee meeting Tuesday – anyone who wants can volunteer! – volunteers can help make it successful by making it their own.
    • Income in registration fees needs to cover costs for printing programs, costs for hotel, etc.
      • $35 for March April May June
      • $75 for July/Aug
      • $115 late registration
      • ~103/person for budget = 7700
    • Cash bar/lowest food costs would be ~33,000 & budget would be about $7700.
      • Therefore, we are trying to find a hotel that will let us bring in our own food/alcohol.

 3. New Business

  • We need board members to sign up for the column in the M-Aura.
    • Board members should be on the look out for an email to sign up from Aaron this month. Please sign up!! 
    • Leza asked for an approximate word count.
      • Per Bill Rock, M-Aura Editor, word count should be between 300-400 words.
      • April - Leza (due March 10)
      • May - ??? (due April 10)
      • June - ??? (due May 10)
      • July - ??? (due June 10)
      • August - ??? (due July 10)
      • September - ??? (due August 10)
      • October - Collene (due September 10)
      • November - ??? (due October 10)
      • December - Aaron (due November 10)
    • MAura mailing costs
      • Question from Chris (floor) – can we curtail the print edition to save money?
        • Email only would help eliminating the largest cost to the chapter.
        • Some members still want a printed copy – could send a black & white copy – or send like a one page notice out and reference the full electronic copy. 
        • Significantly reduce the costs without eliminating the printed copy. Most of our budget is spent on the newsletter.
        • Printing in B&W is $50/month less than color printer – more significant savings when shortening the newsletter. Maybe we can move to quarterly or every 9 months?
        • The board will move this to next month’s agenda to figure out the best way to proceed
      • Leza requested an email address with a northtexasmensa extension – was directed to speak with Andy.

Motion to adjourn by Leza, meeting unanimously adjourned 6:54 pm