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North Texas Mensa Social Network

Many are suprised when they pass the test.  It requires so little time and if you pass, you have the opportunity to meet intelligent people every day.  Check out our calendar and you will see. More events at private homes are visible only to logged in members. It is so much fun being around people that understand your dreams, ideas, and humor.  You will wish you joined sooner!


There is an online mini test  that you can take to see example questions.  Click here for information about real testing and how you can qualify based on testing you may have already done.


Are you looking for stimulating conversation with people that understand your humor?  Maybe you belong in Mensa!  We are fun loving and have members from every ethnic group and political persuasion.  At our  next "Regional Gathering" we  will have scotch, wine, beer, chocolate, and apple tastings with many stimulating activities and thought provoking speakers.

The event calendar reveals that we are an active group with a wide variety of ways to participate including parties, bicycling, group trips, and community service.  The "Things I'd Never Do On My Own" or T.I.N.D.O.M.O. is one of our Special Interest Groups.

Qualification for membership is a score at or above the 98th percentile on any of a number of standardized IQ tests. Click here to see the list of tests and current qualifications on the national site.

Mensa is a not-for-profit organization whose main purpose is to serve as a means of communication and assembly for its members. Members receive the American Mensa Bulletin and the International Journal, and are welcome at events around the world. Members that reside in our area receive the M-Aura bulletin and access to the member section of this site.

North Texas Mensa is a local chapter covering the Dallas area; roughly, zip codes from 75000-75399.

If you recently joined or need information about logging on the site please notify: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.