July 21, 2019 Board Minutes

North Texas Mensa

A Local Group of

American Mensa Ltd.

    A Not-for-Profit Corporation

Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm by Vice-President John Marshall in the absence of President Gunny Hartman.  Attendees:  Treasurer Doug Fix, Secretary Roger Durham, and board members George Schmidt and Anne Whiteman.

  1. Reports

Secretary - The proposed June 2019 Board Meeting Minutes were circulated.  Schmidt moved, Whiteman seconded to approve the minutes as submitted, which passed unanimously.    

Treasurer – Fix reported on the June financials which included income of $965.31 and expenses of $705.96, generating net income of $259.35 for the month of June.  Total assets increased to $32,929.92 as of June 30, 2019.  Report received with thanks.

President – Marshall presented the President’s Report.  He officially reported that the 2019 Nominating Committee members are Chair Bill Rock, Veronica (Williams) Jarmiolowski, Regina “Reg” (Stamm) Miano, Cathy Allshouse, and Alternate Sara Hawkins.  The 2019 Election Committee members are Chair Andy McKellar, Deborah Lockhart, Mark Hammons, Paul Whiteman, and Alternate Eric Hartman, Jr.  He reminded the Editor that names of the Election Committee members must appear in the September M-Aura.  He also reminded everyone that a Chair is needed for the October New Members’ Party, preferably by the next Board Meeting, which will be on August 18, 2019. He noted that reports have been received by e-mail from the Chairs of both the Nominating and Election Committees, outlining their progress in preparing for the election.  The following reports were received (names in parentheses are Board liaisons for each office):

Membership – Paul Whiteman reported that as of June 30 NTM had 1,134 members, up from 1,128 on May 31.

Ombudsman - Randy Brack – reported that he has not been informed who the new Regional Ombudsman will be.

(Cree) Editor – Bill Rock reported by email that the newsletter went to the printer last week.

(Cree) Publisher/Circulation Manager – Val Beasley – nothing to report.

(Cree) Social and Communications – Vacant.

(Cree) Publicity – Vacant.

(Whiteman) Webmaster – Andy McKellar – reported by email that several expenses have been incurred for the renewal of our ISP service and a couple of software packages.  The on-line RG registration form is up and appears to be working correctly.

(Whiteman) Proctor/Testing Coordinator - Deborah Lockhart reported that no testing was done this month.

(Whiteman) Programs – Karen Brack – no report.

(Whiteman) Calendar - Sara Hawkins – reported by email that she would like to continue as Calendar Chair next year.

(Schmidt) Gifted Children - Bill Rock reported that last month’s event was blueberry picking in Edom.  This month was a tour of a football manufacturer, with eight participants, and August will feature a visit to Scrap! Denton.  We have been contacted by a former member from Michigan who has moved to Texarkana and wants to help as Gifted Youth Coordinator for East Texas.

(Schmidt) S.I.G.H.T. - Gunny Hartman – nothing to report.

(Schmidt) Scholarship Chair – Ralf Kittenbacher – no report.

(Schmidt) Regional Gathering – Anne Whiteman reported that planning for the RG continues.

   2. Old Business:


  1. New Business:

       Durham moved, Fix seconded to congratulate Karen Brack on receiving the National Service Award at the Annual Gathering.  Passed unanimously. 


Motion to adjourn made by Schmidt, seconded by Fix, unanimously approved.  Meeting adjourned at 6:25 p.m.  Submitted by Roger Durham, NTM Secretary.