May 17, 2020 Board Proceedings

North Texas Mensa

A Local Group of

American Mensa Ltd.

      A Not-for-Profit Corporation

Meeting called to order at 6:02 pm by President John Marshall.  Attendees by Zoom: President John Marshall, Vice-President George Schmidt, Treasurer Roger Durham, Secretary Anne Whiteman, and Board Members at Large Aaron Adair and Ken Roberts.  Not present:  Board Member at Large Rolando Chapa.

  1. Reports

Secretary – Whiteman – The proposed April 2020 Board Meeting Minutes were circulated.  Schmidt moved, Durham seconded to approve the minutes as presented, which passed unanimously.          

Treasurer – Durham – The April 30 bank account balance was $21,156.38 together with a note receivable of $10,000.00, showing an increase in net worth to $31,156.38, compared to net worth of $30,756.88 on March 31.  Income of $1,085.17 and expenses of $685.67 generated a surplus of $399.50 for the month of April, 2020.  Board accepted the report with thanks.

President – President Marshall prepared the following agenda of topics to discuss:

  • Renewal of membership report
  • Resignation of Pamela Evers; Ken Roberts was appointed by Marshall. Schmidt moved to accept the appointment and Durham seconded the motion. Board unanimously accepted and affirmed the appointment.
  • New Members Party postponed indefinitely.
  • Appoint new member for Gatherings Committee to replace Rik Hess.
  • Next Board Meeting: June 21, 2020 [Fathers Day] via Zoom.

Membership – Paul Whiteman – provided the following report:

  • As of April 30, NTM had 1,027 members, which includes 254 members leaving, 252 of these were lapsed members (so 2 members left that weren’t lapsed). Of the lapsed member, 11 have already rejoined.   Besides the 11 that rejoined, 1 new joined, and 2 moved in, for a total of 14 members joining.

Ombudsman - Randy Brack – nothing to report.

Nominating Committee – Bill Rock was appointed to the committee.

Election Committee – Vacant.

(Chapa) Editor – Bill Rock – June M-Aura is going to the printer this evening.  Activities are caveated on things opening up and the hosts being willing to host. 

(Chapa) Publisher/Circulation Manager – Val Beasley – no report.

(Chapa) Social and Communications – Vacant.

(Chapa) Publicity – Vacant.

(Roberts) Webmaster – Andy McKellar – Everything is working fine on the website, as far as he knows.

(Roberts) Testing Coordinator – Deborah Lockhart – No testing done, due to COVID-19 – testing locations were not available.

(Roberts) Programs – Vacant.

(Roberts) Calendar - Sara Hawkins – Reported there is nothing to report.

(Adair) Gifted Youth - Bill Rock – May event (Klyde Warren Park visit) is scheduled for next weekend.  April fossil hunting was cancelled.

(Adair) S.I.G.H.T. - Gunny Hartman – No S.I.G.H.T. services requested in accordance with restrictions on travel.

Scholarship Chair – Ralf Kittenbacher – All scholarship essays got scored and the 3 choices for the local scholarships have been uploaded.  Not sure when we will hear about the winners from National.  Things may have been delayed due to COVID-19.  The funds to be awarded are for use in the Fall 2020 semester.

Regional Gathering – Vacant.

  1. Old Business:
  • 2020 RG? If so, need permission from National (First step, contact RVC). Report from Durham and Karen Brack on site visit.
  • Vote to not have a physical RG: Schmidt moved, and Adair seconded the motion. Motion passed, 5-1, Durham opposed.
  • Vote to have a virtual RG: Schmidt moved, and Adair seconded the motion. Motion passed, 5-1, Durham opposed.
  1. New Business:
  •  None brought up.


Motion to adjourn made by Schmidt, seconded by Durham, and passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 6:43 p.m.  Submitted as Board Proceedings pending approval as Minutes by Whiteman, NTM Secretary.