Gifted Youth

Gifted Youth

Welcome to North Texas Mensa Gifted Youth

Mensa Gifted Youth is a Special Interest Group (SIG) in Mensa, specifically dedicated to providing activities, events, and interaction opportunities for those Mensans under age 18.  We try to schedule at least one event a month for gifted youth, across a wide variety of fun and interesting things.  If you have an idea for something that might be interesting to try, please let us know.  Some of the things we've done recently:

1. Astronomy night
2. Built a synthesizer
3. Toured a recycling center
4. Watched countertops being made
5. Flew airplanes
6. Took on the Cardboard Challenge
7. Helping with White Rock Lake cleanup
8. Assembled meals for the less fortunate
9. Toured a football manufacturing plant
10. Picked blueberries
11. Board games parties
12. Delivered Meals-on-Wheels

The National Mensa web site has a list of the many things they do to help foster a supportive environment for Gifted Youth across the country. See for a list of what they do, or to play games especially designed to be fun for gifted youth.

American Mensa also runs the BrightKids facebook page, which is a forum for parents, teachers, and others interested in raising and educating gifted children. See for details on BrightKids and other resources for adults.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact  

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